Pend Oreille results posted

Silas Jones is a new Jr. Angler for us however he has been competing in CA and was on a high school team.  Silas was winning co-angler for day 1 and day 2 with 12.03 lbs. on day 1 and 9.29 lbs. on day 2.  Silas also got big bass on day 1 with a 3.25 lb. Smallmouth.

Day 2 winner, Austin Johnson with 17.12 lbs. along with big fish of the day with a 4.18 lb. Smallmouth. Austin was also the 2 day combined winner with a total weight of 33.58 lbs.  Great Job Austin!!

Steven Roth finished in 2nd place on day 2 with a weight of 15.45 lbs. of all Smallmouth fishing out of his Ranger Boat.

Randy Siemens finished Day 1, 1st place boater with 17.88 lbs. of Smallmouth and also had big bass of the day with a 4.71 lbs.  Randy finished 2nd in the combined with a weight total of 31.21 lbs.

Karl Okerman finished 2nd place boater on day 1 with a weight of 16.87 lbs. This was a mixed bag of LM and SM Bass.

Highlights from Buddy Series on Noxon May 21 & 22


These are the day 1 winners, Garret Frost in first pic holding their 2 biggest fish and Garret Bennett along with Garret Frost.  They weighed in 21.83# for the day.  Awesome Job!!

2nd place for Day 1 with 18.85 # of Smallmouth and 1st place for day 2 with  the team of Wyatt Kayser and Blake Heather 15.75#.

Steve Kuwjawa and Austin Keiper finished 3rd on day 1 with 15.75#.  Them’s some good looking Smallies, Great Job!

Kyle Quinnell fishing with his dog because his partner couldn’t make it finished 3rd on day 2 with 14.98#.

Austin Johnson and Morgan Hogue finished 2nd on day 2 with 15.19#

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Springtime Fishing in Montana!

Springtime fishing in Montana!  Drake Dawson (14) and his very proud father Jerod put together the winning bag of 18’10” took 1st Place last Saturday.

Second place with 16’4″ is the team of Steve Kujawa (on right) and his partner Austin Keiper.  This team also caught the big bass of the day at 4’14”.  Great Job Guys!! For full results CLICK HERE

Tyler Frost and Brett Bennett take 1st place at Echo Lake

1st place at Echo Lake Sunday went to the team of Tyler Frost and Brett Bennett however Brett couldn’t make it so Tyler fished alone and brought in a mixed bag of Large Mouth and Smallmouth for 16.81 lbs.

Tyler Frost

Randy Siemens and his daughter Amanda took 2nd place on Echo Lake last weekend with 16.49 lbs. of Smallmouth.  Amanda caught the big fish of the tournament at 3.83 lbs.

Randy and Amanda Seimens

Niko Young and Garrett Frost (Son of Tyler Frost) finished 3rd with 13.17 lbs.  Niko and Garrett, both 21 years old won a 27 boat open tournament the day before.  Great job guys!!

Niko Young and Garrett Frost

As seen in this picture the water was about 10’ low and cold with maximum temps around 50 degrees.