Annual MT TBF Spring Buddy event held May 18-19 on Noxon Reservoir

Montana held our annual TBF Spring Buddy event June 18-19 on Noxon Reservoir.  This was our 3rd buddy event of the ’24 season and was a very successful event with 23 teams participating and 6 daily limits over 20 lbs.  The weather was a little nasty with a mix of rain, snow, sleet, hail and wind with a few little glimpses of sunshine, just take the chill off.  With that said, the fish were biting!  That made up for all the nasty weather.

The team of Jaden Eddings and Gabe Litterell caught the lunker of the weekend with a 7.04 lb. Largemouth.  They also finished in 4th place taking the Big Bass Trophy and cash to boot!  Great job guys!

Finishing 1st overall with 43.19 lbs. was the team of Jim Conlin and Ethan Kruger.  This team also caught the big bass of the day on day 2 which was a 5.86 lb. Largemouth.

Awesome job guys!  Big bag of the event and 1st overall!

Great Catch!!  The one on the right was the big bass of the event at 7+ lbs.